About Us
Competitive Advantage
  •  Product Diversification

    Since the inception of the Company, Marimba had focused keenly on product diversification. We had started with tubular products as our core business. We cater wide array of materials including Titanium tubes and in some cases developed material to suite the requirements of our customers. Our tube/spacers range from OD of 6mm to 125mm and length of 25mm to 35 feet.

    We have further diversified our product portfolio into casting, forgings, hardboard, rubber hoses, bolts and welded assemblies.

    We have developed a niche in precision machined cold formed tubes for safety critical applications such as braking, semi active suspension etc.
  •  Diversified Customer Base

    Marimba has been working with various customers including North American, European and Asian companies. Currently we have about 40~45 customers and our overall percentage of sales for a single customer is low.

  •  Agile Company

    Agility is one of the key factor for our success and the kind of growth we are seeing in our business. We work really work hard as a team to act on the opportunities presented by our customers. We had developed and launched projects in the past within a very limited time.

    We as a company are very open minded about the projects we take up. We do not limit our self to a specific type of product or category. This approach has expanded our product portfolio as indicated before.

  •  Stable Supply Base

    We share a long lasting and good relationships with all our suppliers. We have Supplier Development Managers (SDM) located in various countries, who work closely with our supply base. With the help of our SDM’s we perform a thorough audit for all our new suppliers.

  •  Financially Stable

    Marimba is a privately held company, with single owner. We have been producing strong financial results and continuing with the same momentum, dedication and hard work.

  •  Strong Management Team

    Marimba Management team has over 100 years of combined Automotive experience. We focus very closely at our customer requirements and give all our efforts to exceed there expectations.